-Paris Study Tour 2013 - Group

-Transformations - Solo Curator Wilson Yeung
-Raw - Group

Anthony AF Jones

AF (Anthony) has produced a conceptual body of work influenced by life changing personal experience. Whether it is in the studio or in abstract locations, he loves to develop his projects through mediums of photography and video. He continues to challenge the human form from different perspectives, then creatively reconfigures the body with striking bursts of colour. AF acknowledges and understands diverse body types and the importance of catering for the individual as opposed to society’s ideals. This is highly acknowledged through his work as he often re-forms his personal narratives.

Growing up in country Victoria, AF was energetic, constructive and determined. This fresh Melbourne artist now pushes this attitude throughout his thought-provoking, visually arresting and powerful style of constructed self-portraiture, work in fitness and the male form. AF strives to pursue an extensive art folio breaking into the world of commercial advertising in health and fitness with his bold style of photography.

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