Closed Chapters

In December 2014 I graduated from my Degree in Photography at RMIT University with a tremendous array of experiences behind me. I moved to the most liveable city in the world (Melbourne) to study my dream degree and prove myself. It suddenly escalated to me meeting the most incredibly supportive people in my life, adventuring overseas and living other cultures, dramatically changing my physical fitness and drastically improving on my skills and knowledge in photography and art.


One simple consideration that I found that led to my success in my first 3 years in Melbourne stemmed from this balance. To learn, love, adventure and be self-aware and respectful to yourself and others. Being in a creative community and getting involved in other projects and events from all walks of life opened my eyes to see unique approaches to tackle productions.


A part from building on my technically practical and theoretical skills, it was also significant to have fun and find ways to push the boundaries through the strenuous work with a positive outcome. Along the way I built tremendous networks and worked amongst some of the futures finest upcoming artists and even had the opportunity to have my first solo exhibition Transformations. I am driven by exploring the self and expressing through visual mediums from another perspective. The year of 2015 gave me the realisation of being an artist.


If I could give any advice: Throw yourself in the deep in, even if it is unfamiliar territory. It was the best way for me to learn, develop and discover myself and the world around me. Upon completing this photography degree and everything that went with it, I now live in happiness…which happened to be my unfamiliar territory before taking the big leap of faith into the new world I now live in.