Trials and Tribulations

There can be a long winded process to the surreal artwork I create. I discovered that sometimes the best way to progress is just to start and do something - whether it is deconstructing visuals that stimulate the mind, listening to entrancing tunes, drawing whatever seeps out of the mind, reading and writing words that spark further thought and ideas, or my favourite, to simply play with light on a subject and then capture it on camera.


By experimenting and photographing a subject, I may not capture my ultimate result, although there becomes forward development towards a further achievement to transform the work. As difficult as it is for a “perfectionist”, I have discovered that it is okay to fail and make mistakes in order to progress to better skills as a complicated artist. Without experimenting and failing at its best, I would not have come to the body of work I have produced to this day. 


We require time to think and reflect upon the production. What could be enhanced to further emphasise the meaning and messages I wish to get across to my audience? Does the image represent what I originally set out to achieve overall? How can I reconfigure the pieces of this visual puzzles into something that solidifies the focus on my body of work? 


The photography studio became a space in its own, another dimension where I could recreate and express how I feel about the masculine body and how my perception can reveal so much more intricacies. Through trials and tribulations, I challenge how I view an image from my own personal perspective. I will continue pushing the boundaries of how an image is produced to reach its full potential as a constructed portrait and as a symbolic piece of art.