Free to be Me

This month I have been confronted by topics questioning what is it that represents an individual or what makes a person unique. As a reserved and confused teenager, I found myself focusing so much on discovering what it is to fit in to a category of normal or ordinary. It only took me until recent years to begin to comprehend how important it is to appreciate who I am as an individual. I visually represent my 16 year old lifestyle in a self-portrait in 2009, challenging the idea of how I may be categorized at work, school or socially.  


What makes me any different to any other person casually working, studying and socialising? I was on a mission to investigate and document the self much further. After studying within photography and personal training I initially thought I would leave with the same skills and experience as everyone else. I have later understood that embracing what is unique is what distinguishes my work, values, life perception, approach, goals, beliefs and ultimately what is success to me. Producing my Greek sculptural appropriation series of Reconstructions was a turning point to become more comfortable with my physical imperfections.


Baring it all for the camera, comparing and contrasting male figures from various backgrounds and cultures, body types and lifestyles made me acknowledge the magnificence of all forms in fitness. Ultimately, it provided me with the acceptance of my own individually. My feeling for the body in the form of fitness is not purely visual; it is also connected with a personal state of mind and the perception of how it matches with the individual. Blending these two passions of mine in art and fitness allows me to work between each and challenge my creative ability in a direction that best reflects me. 


Life for me as a self portrait artist has become all about finding myself coincidently it just happens to be documented and expressed visually in my highly personal photography and video projects. My adventure of discovering and unravelling myself along the way is what keeps me motivated and progressing further.