Where it all began

Let’s wander back in time to 2008. I was always in reach of photography, growing up with various film cameras, Polaroids, SLR’s and a late 2004 compact digital camera gifted to me by my parents. Although, high school in 2008 brought me to continue concentrating on my studies of photography from this background knowledge. I spent my lunch times in the darkrooms experimenting within black & white film printing. I soon discovered my dedication for this technical and creative discipline in photography. 

Imagine this – having an exhausting yet successful day developing and printing in the darkroom, then walking home from high school on a bright and vibrant spring day realising not only a love and passion of photography but also the desire to transform and create a future career in photography. I wanted to live a life of photography from another perspective. Keep in mind, I was quite a unique and quiet 15 year old at this time. 

As a teenage photographer I found myself focusing on how I saw myself within my environment. This emphasis became my way of documenting my home region which reflected upon my lifestyle. What developed into something more significant to me was capturing the physical growth of myself. The motivation towards this way of thinking came from the feeling of not knowing what I was like at a younger age once older. The image below was taken in one shot which in turn marks my first self-portrait. 

Little did I know, the perspective I would end up representing my work stems from the self. Within the following two years of high school I subconsciously worked around creating art from a personal perspective, drawing upon the self-perception of the body within health and fitness. Another personal chapter and adventure beyond high school was awaiting me.