The concept revolves around portraying a state of the fit human form up against the abstract environment in which challenges the idea of where ones position is in relation to fitness. Although the juxtaposition of capturing flesh and muscle within a confusing stagnant environment differentiates by the contouring details – both represent the use of strength, discipline and control in the form of artificial and natural products. But when seeing the overall images we are visually muddled up, so is the represented person feeling in a similar situation of being muddled up physically to the extent of how much fitness should be pushed? “Lost to Discipline” series title – In turn the series is about losing yourself to exercise and the attempt to balance not only the aesthetics but also the journey of sculpting of the body and deciding the personal ‘perfection’ and whether there is such perfection with such determination in mind of the beholder. Ultimately, fitness is a direct influence of mine. The way I portray it in my eyes is what makes it mine. What it represents to me.