Disjointed Hair

The contrast between the muscular, hairy and tall male form and the emotional nervousness through introspection displaying a sense of reticence or shyness. 
This piece became a reflection of gradual transitioning from an adolescent boy to a grown man through jagged moments across a time of 3 months.

Twisted Form

This erratic and twisted self portrait video focuses on the physical form of the body. Within the medium of video, I found it captured more dimensional that stills photography could not do alone. 
I took an experimental approach towards Twisted Form to explore more about self acceptance. I discovered imperfections of asymmetry which led me to appreciate the natural body.

Dance in the Spotlight

Building up from subtle glimpses of dance and movement we soon discover the elegance of dancers in this 30 second mock commercial for Dance Discovery Studios.
I have three beautiful and talented girls from the studio to work amongst to create this energetic piece.

Feeling Highly Strung

I directed a narrative video piece surrounding concepts of 'love' and to take chances whether it may work out or not. Find your own journey.
Sometimes little motives built up at the same time is all that is required to escape the mundane lifestyle to experience new adventures.

Experience the production and see more behind the scenes video footage through videos on YouTube